Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Holiday Break - Dec 22nd to Jan 7th, 2018

Holiday Break - Dec 22nd to Jan 7th, 2018
A reminder McConnell School of Dance will be closed for the holidays from Friday, December 22nd to Sunday, January 7th, 2018.   Classes resume the week of Monday, January 8th 2018.

Please join us at Shannon’s Irish Pub (175 Carlton St.) on Thursday, December 21st for the United Kingdom Pavilion’s Holiday Celebration.  Doors Open at 6:30 PM   
Admission is free and it’s a family event so children are welcome to attend.

We wish our dancers and their families all the best for the holidays a very happy 2018!

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

No Classes - Sat Nov 11th, 2017

A reminder there will be no classes on Saturday November 11th in observance of Remembrance Day.

Thank you,

McConnell School of Dance

Monday, 23 October 2017

Competitive Division - Update

Dear Competitive Division Dancers and Parents,

Please see below for an update on Philadelphia Entries, Private Lessons and Drop In Classes for Competitive Division.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

Thank you,

Philadelphia Entries
A reminder, entry forms and all fees for the Philadelphia Feis are due in by Wednesday, October 25th.   Please do not miss the deadline as entries need to be mailed to the U.S. and extensions are not possible.
A reminder, all lesson fees must be up to date in order for dancers to register for competitions.   Please contact randy@mcconnelldancers.com if your account is behind.

Private Lesson Sign Up
Dancers wishing additional one-on-one time for competitive dance, please visit the link below to sign up for private lessons.   The cost of private lessons for students registered in competitive division is $35 / hr ($45 for non-registered students).   To sign up, please use the following link;

Drop In Classes
Dancers who wish to attend additional lessons during the week on a “Drop In” basis are encouraged to do so, especially those who are preparing for the Rince Ri and Nationals competitions.
Drop in rates are $12 / 1hr class and $15 / 1.5 hr class ($20 / 1hr & $25/1.5 hr for non-registered students)
  • Dancers are asked to email info@mcconnelldancers.com to confirm their attendance in advance of the class.
  • Dancers are asked to fill out a PAYMENT FORM  (available at the studio) prior to every DROP IN CLASS and present to instructor before the class

Thursday, 12 October 2017

MSDSA - Board of Directors

Dear Dancers and Parents,

MSDSA – McConnell School of Dance Student’s Association held their Annual General Meeting on Saturday, September 30th, 2017.   Thanks to all those who attended!

Many thanks to our 2016 – 2017 Board of Directors for their work last year. The  2016-2017 Board  was;
Julie Fisher - President
Jackie Naphin - Vice President
Allison Steeves - Secretary
Sandi Magyar - Treasurer
Directors - Shayleen McConnell Finucan, Tanis Olafson, Sue Mozdzen, Jacquie Cumming and  Christa Traczuk
Honorary Members - Tracy Balagus, Jocelyn Grant and Sandi Magyar

Our 2017 – 2018 Board of Directors is as follows;
President - Julie Fisher
Vice-President - Jackie Naphin
Secretary - Allison Steeves
Treasurer - Sandi Magyar
Directors - Shayleen McConnell Finucan, Tanis Olafson, Christa Traczuk, Jacquie Cumming
Honorary Members - Tracy Balagus, Jocelyn Grant, Sandi Magyar

MSDSA meetings are open for all +18 dancers or parents of dancers under 18 and we encourage everyone to attend and get involved in our activities!   Please visit our MSDSA page in the members area of our website for this season’s meeting minutes and updates.

Thank you,

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

MSDSA - Mom's Pantry Fundraiser

Dear Dancers and Dance Families,

We are pleased to announce a fundraiser opportunity for the dance school.  Now is a great time to stock up your pantry of freezer.  Perogies, chicken fingers, frozen fruit and vegetables, pizza pops, croissants, cookie dough, spices, and more!  There are catalogues available at the studio or you can complete your order online.


Each Seller needs to create their  own Buyer_ID before using the online store and before their customers (friends or families) can place orders.

Group Name:          McConnell School Of Dance
Order Number:      253804
Seller Passcode:    22162

Orders accepted online until end of day on Thursday, October 26th.

Pick up orders at the studio on Saturday, November 4th between 12:30 - 1 pm.

Any questions, call Allison at 290-3106 or amsteeves10@hotmail.com

Thank you for your support.  Please help spread the word and make this a successful fundraiser.  Fundraising money helps provide water for the dancers, scholarships at the end of the dance year and more.
McConnell School of Dance Student's Association.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Dear Dancers & Parents,
MSDSA’s Annual Shoe & Clothing Swap will be held on Saturday, September 30th from 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm at the dance studio.  This is a great chance to sell your gently used dance items including costumes, shoes, trainers, wigs, performance costumes, solo dresses and dance clothing.  Payment is only accepted by personal cheque payable to MSDSA or cash. A small percentage of the sale is retained by the MSDSA to pay for water for the studio, as well as awards and scholarships that are offered by the McConnell School of Dance Student’s Association. 
Please drop off your items to sell at the studio on the following dates and times.
        Wednesday, November 23rd from 6:00 - 7:30 pm 
        Thursday, November 24th from 5:30 - 7:00 pm and 7:30 – 8:30 pm
       Saturday, September 30 from 9:30 am – 10:30 am and from 12:30 – 1:00 pm

One of the MSDSA members will be available to collect the items and tag and label them for the sale.  Unsold items will be returned to you at a later date.

*There are no limits to the number of items to be sold per dance family.
*Older dancers can drop off their own items for the sale, but should stay to complete the form, including noting the prices. The MSDSA does not set the prices for the items. 
 *General Division costumes will not be sold as there will be a new General Division costume this year.
If you have specific questions regarding the sale please contact Allison Steeves at 290-3106 or email amsteeves10@hotmail.com.

 Thank you,

McConnell School of Dance Student’s Association 

Monday, 25 September 2017

School Clothing Order - Deadline Oct 14th, 2017

Our school clothing Order Form for the 2017 – 2018 season will be available at the studio.  
  • Sample sizes are on display in the studio waiting room.  Brandon Division will have samples available for try on at the Oct 4th lesson
  • Clothing will have school name & logo on all items
  • All sales final.  No refund or exchange on any clothing items.

Performance Division dancers (Full, Senior, & Junior) are asked to have the following items for this year’s dance season.
  1. Green Athletic Crew Neck
  2. Black Soft Shell Jacket
  3. Black Circular Skirt – available from H & M
  4. Red Cotton T-shirt – available from any department store
  5. Attire may be worn during performances so all items should be well fitting for the current year.

Orders are due by  Saturday, October 14th, 2017. 
  • Payments must be included with order.  Cheques payable to McConnell School of Dance
  • Please drop order forms in the MSD Box at the studio

This will be our only clothing order for the 2017 – 2018 dance season so don’t miss the order deadline!  Orders will be ready for pick up by end of November.

Friday, 22 September 2017

MSDSA - Shoe Swap

Dear Dancers & Parents,
MSDSA’s Annual Shoe & Clothing Swap will be held on Saturday, September 30th from 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm at the dance studio.  This is a great chance to sell your gently used dance items including costumes, shoes, wigs and dance clothing.  Payment is only accepted by personal cheque or cash, payable to MSDSA.  A small percentage of the sale is retained by the MSDSA which is used to pay for water for the studio, awards and scholarships that are offered by the McConnell School of Dance Student’s Association. 
Please drop off your items to sell at the studio on the following dates and times.
        Saturday, September 23th from 9:30 am – 10:30 am and from 12:30 – 1:30 pm
        Monday, September 25th from 6:00 - 7:00 pm
        Tuesday, September 26th from 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm and 7:30 – 8:30 pm
        Wednesday, September 27th from 6:00 - 7:30 pm **Volunteers Required**
        Thursday, September 28th from 5:30 - 7:00 pm and 7:30 – 8:30 pm
        Saturday, September 30 from 9:30 am – 10:30 am and from 12:30 – 1:00 pm

One of the MSDSA members will be available to collect the items and tag and label them for the sale.  Unsold items will be returned to you at a later date.   Items that can be sold are wigs, socks, hard and soft shoes and any McConnell clothing. 
 Costumes will not be sold as there will be a new General Division costume this year.

 Thank you,

McConnell School of Dance Student’s Association 

MSDSA - AGM Sept 30th, 2017

Hello Dancers and Parents,

The annual general meeting for the McConnell School of Dance Student's Association (MSDSA) will be held at the studio on Saturday, September 30th at 3:30 pm.   All members (those who are over 18 and dance or parents of a dancer who is under 18) are welcome and invited to attend the meeting. 

The 2017 - 2018 MSDSA board will be elected at the AGM.  Any member may nominate or be nominated. A nominations form is located on the bulletin board as you come into the studio.  Please feel free to fill in the names of those members you feel would be a good fit for each position. Those members will be asked if will let their name stand and voting will determine the candidate. It's always great to get new people on the team for refreshing ideas and energy!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Thank you,
McConnell School of Dance Student's Association

Thursday, 21 September 2017

MSDSA - Upcoming Fundraisers

MSDSA – Value Village Fundraiser
We will have another Value Village drop off middle of October, we will be accepting donations dropped off at the studio on Sept 30 – Costume/Shoe Swap and AGM.
Please ask your friends and neighbors for anything to donate! Fall cleaning is upon us and it’s a good way to clear out space and help your dancers earn money for their school!

Applebee’s Breakfast Fundraiser

Save the date for November 18 8-10 at the Applebee’s on Grant for Pancake Breakfast-Special Guest Appearing for Photos!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Competitive Division - Qualifiers

Dear Competitive Division Dancers & Parents,

CRN has announced there will be a Qualifier at the Rince Ri Feile in Philadelphia on December 2nd, 2017. 
Dancers who are unable to attend Regionals or did not qualify to dance an  Award competition at Nationals will have another opportunity at the Rince Ri Feile in Philadelphia.  There will also be Championship rounds with 3 adjudicators at the Rince Ri Feile.  This is an opportunity for Ardghrad level dancers to move up to Craobhghrad.
Dancers who wish to attend the Rince Ri Feile may book their tickets at anytime as the Feile date has been confirmed.  The hotel information has not been released and likely wont be until late October or November.
At this time, no other competitions for 2018 have been confirmed and we remind dancers and parents not to book travel until we have received official confirmation from CRN.

Thank you,


Monday, 18 September 2017

Competitive Division - Lanyard Orders

Dear Competitive Division Dancers and Parents,

CRN is taking orders for lanyards for the upcoming dance season.  Anyone who wishes to order a lanyard will need to confirm by no later than September 20th, 2017 by emailing info@mcconelldancers.com

Please let us know the following information;
1) Dancers Full Name
2) Dancers Date of Birth
3) If the Lanyard is New or a Replacement

Lanyards are 15 Euro each (Approx. $22 Canadian)  plus an additional 10 Euro  (Approx. $14 Canadian) will be divided between those ordering to cover the costs of CRN’s Paypal fee for overseas payments.   Total fees will be calculated once all orders are in.  Fees will be due by September 23rd, 2017 (no exceptions).

  • Dancers are not required to order new lanyards every year.  If you have one already, you do not need to order another one.
  • It is fine if Dancers do not wish to order a lanyard.  Dancers without CRN Lanyards will need to pay the entry fee for those who do not have lanyards at competitions. 

If you ordered a lanyard in April 2017, you will receive the lanyard at Regionals (if you are attending, or afterwards if you are not attending).

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Thank you


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

MSDSA - Show & Save Fundrasier

MSDSA is pleased to present our first general fundraiser of the year!



These books have money saving coupons for places which you likely already attend, or why not try something new if you have a coupon!  Over 100 discounts on restaurants, services and entertainment per book, and a re-useable card for many more discounts! New this year...McDonald's, Smitty's, Applebees, Ihop, and Skyzone to name a few.

Books will be available through any MSDSA Board member, or by contacting Jacquie at 204-771-9868 to pre-order.  Books will be available beginning Monday, September 11, 2017 at the studio, and sales will continue until Tuesday, October 10, 2017 while supplies last. 

Each book and card combination costs only $20.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

CRN USA Regionals - Registration & Syllabus

Dear Competitive Division Dancers & Parents,

The CRN USA Regional Registration & Syllabus has just been released. Please see attached Syllabus for more details.  The schedule has not been released and  will not be available until approximately 2 weeks prior to the competition, after all registrations are received.  Solo competitions take place on Saturday and Ceili & Awards/Championships are held on Sunday.

Registration is done through the school, not by the individual.  Instructors will determine which dances, levels, and awards students will compete in. 

Dancers will need to confirm their participation in Regionals by no later than 12 Noon  on Sunday, September 10th  email  info@mcconnelldancers.com
  • When confirming your participation, please indicate if you wish to take part in both the solo competitions (Saturday)  & awards / championships (Sunday).

Once our registrations are confirmed we will be able to determine if teams competitions are possible.
  • If you are interested in taking part in team competitions, please let us know in your confirmation email.

Thank you,

Shayleen McConnell Finucan

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

2017 - 2018 Competitive Division Registration

Dear Dancers and Parents,

A reminder there are no competitive classes this week.  Our 2017 – 2018 Season commences on Monday, September 11th.

To find out more about our 2017 – 2018 season, please visit the following link;

We strongly recommend dancers and parents read the information provided on our website prior to registering for competitive classes as terms and conditions change from season to season.

To Register, please visit the following link;


2017 - 2018 Competitions
·USA Regionals 2017 - Oct 7th & 8th, 2017 (Harrisburg, PA)
·Rince Ri Feile (Philadelphia) - Dec 2nd, 2017
·USA Nationals 2018 - Feb 17th, 18th, 19th 2018
·McGinley School Feis 2018 - End of March Date TBD (Harrisburg, PA)
·Feile La Naomh Padraig 2018 - End of May Date TBD (Harrisburg, PA)
·Canada Feile 2018 - May 26th Date TBC (Winnipeg, MB)
·World Championships 2018 - June 20th - 24th 2018 (Kilarney, Ireland)
·Red Shoe Feile - July 2018 Date TBC (Wichita, Kansas)
·Shelagh Feile - Aug 2018 Date TBD (Dayton, Ohio)
·USA Regionals 2018 - Oct 6th & 7th 2018 (Location TBD)
·Rince Nua Feile 2018 - Nov 2018 Date TBD (Minneapolis, MN)

CRN USA Regionals
Oct 7th & 8th, 2017 in Harrisburg, PA
Registration will be available from CRN soon.
Dancers who wish to compete at Regionals will need to confirm their participation.  A sign up sheet will be posted at the studio with a deadline to confirm.

If you have any questions regarding competitive division registration, please contact us at info@mcconnelldancers.com

Thank you,

McConnell School of Irish Dance
32 Barberry Rd, Wpg Canada R2J2G9
Phone(204) 793-8557

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Summer Rehearsal Schedule - UPDATED

Dear Dancers & Parents,
Please see below for a detailed list of our rehearsal & practice schedule for the next few weeks up to Folklorama.  As many of you may already know, Shayleen & Wendy will be travelling to Folkmoot, North Carolina with members of our Performance Division to take part in a C.I.O.F.F international festival (Aug 19th - 31st).  During this time, lessons will continue at the studio (please see schedule below).  Instructors will not be available by phone or text during this time and emails will be limited due to the busy schedule at the C.I.O.F.F festival.  More information regarding Folklorama will be sent out via email.   If you need to contact the school, please email info@mcconnelldancers.com   If you have any questions, please contact us.

Summer Rehearsal Schedule
Wednesday July 12th
  • Folkmoot practice  12:00- 4:00 PM
  • Ardghrad practice 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM
Thursday July 13th
  • No Performance class due to Kansas Feile
Monday July 17th
  • No competitive classes due to Kansas Feile
  • Folkmoot rehearsal with musicians from 5:30 - 9:00
Tuesday July 18th
  • Folklorama rehearsal – regularly scheduled times
Wednesday July 19th
  • No Ard/Craobh competitive class
Thursday July 20th
  • Performance class 5:30 - 7:30
             Teacher: Mary-Margaret
Monday July 24th
  • Competitive Bunghrad – Meanghrad classes as scheduled
              Teacher - Mary-Margaret
Tuesday July 25th
  • Folklorama rehearsal 5:30 - 9:00
               Teachers: Selina, Mary-Margaret, Hilary
Wednesday July 26th
  • No Ard/Craob competitive class
Thursday July 27th
  • Performance class 5:30 - 7:30
               Teacher -  Hilary
Monday July 31st
  • Performance Division Show in AM
  • Bunghrad  - Meanghrad competitive class 5:30 - 9:30
               Teacher - Hilary, Mary-Margaret
Tuesday August 1st
  • Folklorama rehearsal
Wednesday August 2nd
  • Performance Division Show 2:30 PM
  • Performance Division Show -  Canada Summer games in evening
  • Folklorama Sound & Lights Set Up – Punjab Cultural Centre 4:00 PM
Thursday August 3rd
  • Folklorama rehearsal for all dancers at Punjab Center from 5:30 - 9:30 PM
Saturday August 5th
  • Folklorama dress rehearsal at Punjab Cultural Centre 12:00 – 4:30 PM
Sunday August 6th to 12th
  • Folklorama
  • No competitive classes during this week
August 14th – 31st
  • Competitive classes will continue as scheduled
  • No performance Division classes

Monday, 5 June 2017

Car Wash Fundraiser - Sat June 10th

Car Wash Fundraiser

Our Competitive Division will be hosting a Car Wash Fundraiser on Saturday, June 10th from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at Corpell's Water at 2627 Pembina Hwy. Please drop by for a Car Wash and support our Student's Association MSDSA

2017 Summer Lessons & Registration

Congratulations to all our dancers who performed at the Winnipeg, Brandon, and Teulon recitals this year.   Well done to all the dancers who participated in the 2nd Annual CRN Canada F√©ile and many thanks to all our volunteers & instructors for their assitance in running the event.  We are very proud of all our dancers accomplishments this season and we wish you all the best for the summer months!
Our 2017 – 2018 Fall Registration Information will be avaiable soon.  Details will be sent out via email.
For those who wish to continue with lessons through the summer months, please see below...

Classes for our summer session begin this week!
All General Division & Competitive Division dancers must register for summer clases.
Competitive Division
Competitive Division classes are open to both competitive & recreational dancers.  Competition is optional for all and dancers who wish to improve on technique and advance levels are recommeded to enrol in competitive classes, even if they do not wish to compete.
Monday & Wednesday Classes  – see schedule below
Competitive  Summer Lesson Dates
June    Monday – 5th, 12th 19th 26th   Wednesday – 7th 14th, 21st, 28th
July     Monday – 3rd 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st   Wednesday – 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th
Aug     Monday – 14th, 21st, 28th    Wednesday – 2nd, 16th, 23rd 30th
  • Competitive dancers wishing to compete in CRN USA  Regionals in October must register for the full summer session classes or enroll in private / semi private lessons.
  • Please contact us if you have questions regarding which level / levels are appropriate for dancers.
Kansas Feile – Saturday, July 15th
Our school  will be participating in the Kansas Feile on Saturday July 15th 2017           
All competitive dancers are welcome to participate. Feile registration information will be sent out soon!

General Division Folklorama
General Division dancers who wish to perform at the United Kingdom Pavilion for Folklorama 2017 are welcome to enroll in our summer session.
Tuesdays Lessons – see schedule below
United Kingdom Pavilion  Aug 6th – 12th, 2017          
Folkorama Practice Dates
June -  6th, 13th, 20th, 27th
July 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th
Aug – Tues Aug 1st, Thur Aug 3rd (5:30 – 9:00 PM)  Sat Aug 5th (12:00  pm – 4:00 pm)

Performance Division
Tuesdays & Thursdays – see schedule below           


Monday, 22 May 2017

Canada Feile 2017 Information

Dear Dancers & Parents,

We are very excited for our 2nd Annual  CRN Canada Feile on Saturday, May 27th 2017.   Competing dancers and parents should read through all the information provided so they are well informed for the competitions.   Best wishes to all dancers competing on Saturday! The dancers have worked very hard and we know they will do their best and make us all proud of their accomplishments.

Dancers, family, and friends are welcome to attend and we encourage our non-competing dancers to come out and support us for our 2nd  Canada Feile.

For those attending we remind you we are welcoming dancers, parents, instructors, and adjudicators from the U.S.A .  We encourage parents and dancers to make sure everyone feels welcome and is well looked after.  Please do your best to show a warm welcome to our visitors!

Our instructors and coordinators are extremely busy preparing for the feile so we ask you to please be mindful of the workload and assist as best you can by limiting questions to only those absolutely necessary.   Please review all the information included in this email before contacting us with your questions as most of the answers will be provided already.

Feile Information
Date – Saturday, May 27th 2017
Location – Canad Inns Club Regent Casino Hotel, 1415 Regent Ave. West, Winnipeg
Doors Open 8:00 AM
Start Time: Line-up 8: 30 AM
Competition starts 9:00 AM
Adjudicator: Ms.. Lena McGinley

General Admission: $5 US per person 
CRN non-registered dancers: $3 US
Open Platform dancers: $6 US
* please note this is in US Funds, exchange will be calculated the day of the feile based on current rates

Feile Tank Tops
For dancers who’ve ordered T-Shirts they can be picked up at check-in the day of the feile.  There will be a few extra t-shirts available for sale but supplies are limited

Solo costumes are not permitted in Bungrad or Ullmhuchan levels with the exception of dancers over 18.  Solo costumes may be worn in Meanghrad, Ardghrad, and Craobhghrad levels by dancers of any age
All school costumes are registered with CRN so please wear appropriate school costumes.
  • Performance – Black with cummerbund & cuffs
  • General – Green Skirt & Black Bodysuit
  • Please make sure costume items are secure as dancer will be disqualified if items fall off.  If a costume piece falls off, dancers are required to stop dancing, pick up the item and return back to their position to wait until competition is over.

Dance Shoes
  • Shoes should be well fitting, clean, and polished.  Ill-fitting shoes will affect a dancer’s placement.
  • Absolutely no elastic in shoes (hard or soft). Use proper hard shoe or soft shoe laces only.
  • Double knot all laces and secure buckles on hard shoes.  Untied laces will result in disqualification.  If a dancer’s lace becomes untied, dancers should return to their position to wait until the competition is over.
Wigs are optional for CRN Competitions
Full, Bun, or Pony tail wigs are acceptable
  • Please make sure costume items are secure as dancer will be disqualified if items fall off.

Tights / Socks
CRN Rule, dancers 20 and over must wear black tight
  • Poodle socks for all dancers under 20
  • Team dancers must coordinate socks or tights
  • Make sure your socks are newer, clean, white, and well fitting.  Sock glue is essential as dancers will lose points if socks fall down during competition

MSD & CRN discourage the use of heavy make-up, spray tan, etc. especially with younger dancers. There are low  stage lights at Feile’s so heavy make-up is not necessary.  Light or no make-up is acceptable. 

CRN General Feile Information & Regulations
  • Be dressed and ready to compete at least 30 minutes prior to competition time as there can be long line ups at check in, especially during earlier competitions.
  • Absolutely no changing in competition room or in hallways.  All dancers must change in dancer’s room (or wherever directed by the Feile).  Change rooms are not co-ed and male dancers must stay in area designed for them.
  • No practicing in hallways, hotel lobby, etc.  Practicing is permitted in the dancer’s change room if a practice room is not designated
  • Dancers must be in full costume for results to receive their prize.  If you are not in costume including footwear, you will not be allowed on the stage / podium.
  • Dancers who impede another competition on stage will result in disciplinary action being taken 1st offence – written warning  2nd offence – immediate suspension for a period of time
  • Dancers who fall while competition in a solo competition will not be penalized and will be allowed the opportunity to compete again at a later time. 
  • Dancers who are injured will not be allowed to compete.
  • There must be complete silence in the hall during competitions
  • Absolutely no photography or video during competitions.  Photographs are acceptable during results ONLY
  • The use of cell phones is not permitted during competitions, mobile phones much be switched to silence at all times in the hall
  • At no time should dancers or parents approach the adjudicator or scrutineers
  • Dancers & Parents should not discuss results or adjudicators decisions at feiles

CRN Grading System
Whenever the number of competitors is less than seven the winner will not advance unless specified by the adjudicator.  This will be announced during results.  If a competitor wins a graded dance three times, with three or more competitors in the competition at the time of winning, that dancer moves on to the next grade in that dance
  • MSD will keep track of dancer’s results
  • Results are posted on CRN’s website

Results & Award Ceremonies
Typically schools will group together for the reading of results.  Photos are permitted but dancers & parents are reminded not to be intrusive with their photography.

Dancers will need to stay for results in order to receive their medals.  Results “Award” times for levels & team competitions are listed on the schedule and are approximate. 
  • Dancers must be in costume with shoes to accept awards and stand on podium
  • Dancers  and parents are reminded to accept the results of the adjudicator without question or upset.  Absolutely no sad faces or tears please!
  • If you are cheering for your school’s dancers, please keep in mind you should cheer equally for other dancers / school’s results.
  • Parents are asked NOT to place pressure on dancers or instructors.  Please do not show disappointment if dancers do not place and keep in mind you must set the example and offer guidance to assist dancers who may be dealing with their own disappointment.
  • Dancers & Parents are also reminded to accept achievements with grace and dignity and not “show off” when they place well.

Instructor availability is limited during competitions as all CRN Teachers must volunteer for the Feile.  Please be mindful of instructor’s time at Feile.  If you have important questions, feel free to ask your Instructors, but keep in mind our time is limited and we have a responsibility to CRN and the other dancers competing.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Annual Recital - DVD Orders

Annual Recital - DVD Orders

Pre-Orders for the 2017 Recital DVD’s are now being accepted. Please fill out attached Order Form and drop off, along with payment  in the McConnell School of Dance box in the waiting room at the studio.
Pre-Order Price $25
Order Deadline:  Wednesday May 24th 2017
Pre-ordered copies will be ready during the 1st or 2nd week back in September.  Additional copies will be available in the fall.
For more information please contact Simon Havens simon@havens.ca
Thank you,

McConnell School of Irish Dance
32 Barberry Rd, Wpg Canada R2J2G9
Phone(204) 793-8557


Annual Recital Tickets & Information

69th Annual Recital Information    
Thursday, May 25th, 2017
Location: Prairie Theatre Exchange (3rd Floor Portage Place)
Dancer Arrival Time 5:30 PM
Performance Time  6:45  – 10:00 PM  *please note recital length is estimated for the latest possible scenario,  end time may vary
Dancers are asked to stay for the entire recital to take part in the Finale. 

All tickets will be sold on-line through Eventbrite.  To purchase tickets, please visit the following link;

Tickets $15 Adult  $10 Child (12 & Under))
·         Infants who do not require  a seat are  free admission
·         Dancers do not require a ticket
·         All Sales Finale - No refunds or exchanges on  tickets
·         Special Seating Requirements -  The first two rows will be reserved for individuals with special seating requirements.  If you require special seating, please arrive 10 minutes prior to Doors Opening

Dancers will need to check in at the performer entrance door at the West end of the lobby.  Parents should accompany dancers under 12 for check-in.  Parents are not permitted in the back stage or dressing room area due to issues of space and privacy.  If you have concerns for your younger child, please contact us in advance to arrange for assistance.
Check in opens 5:30 PM
Please note, with only 1 hour for check-in we will be very pressed to get dancers ready for a 6:45 PM performance time.   Please assist us in keeping to our schedule by;
1) Arriving on time, please allow for delays with traffic and parking.
2) All Beginner, Novice, and Preliminary dancers are asked to arrive in costume wearing socks, with wig & make-up applied.  There is a restroom in the lobby for parents to change dancers prior to check-in (arrive earlier than 5:30  PM if you plan to change your dancer at PTE) .  Please have dancers fully ready and in costume for check-in at 5:30 PM

Please allow 15  minutes after the recital is over before you pick up dancers at the performer entrance.  Children under 12 will not be excused without a parent.  If someone other than a parent/guardian (as per your registration form) will be picking your child up, please let the check -in volunteer know. 

The dressing room is co-ed due to venue constraints.  Parents are not allowed in dressing rooms due to limitations of space and privacy issues. 

Beginner, Novice, Preliminary Dancers should  arrive in costume, wearing  socks with wigs and make-up applied. 
*Novice, Preliminary, Intermediate, Adult should dancers bringing a basket or box (preferably collapsible) clearly labeled with their name to keep their hard shoes and costume accessories.
*Make sure all shoes/costume pieces and garment bags are clearly labeled with first and last name for dressing room and backstage help.

Make-up is recommended for all dancers as stage lighting washes out natural colour and makes performers look pale. All make-up should be applied prior to check in.
FULL STAGE MAKE-UP is suggested for all dancers at recital.  Full stage make-up is applied heavier than daily use make-up.
  • Foundation (to match skin tone) and powder to prevent shine
  • Eye-shadow (brown, beige, copper shades)
  • Mascara (brown or black) ,
  • Blush (pink)
  • Lip Stick
  • Dancers wearing poodle socks should cover up unsightly bruises on legs and knees with foundation and make-up.  
  • Nail Polish is not allowed for performances and should be removed at home. Jewellery (rings, bracelets, earrings) may not be worn for performances with the exception of wedding rings and medical alert bracelets

  • Deodorant should be worn by all Novice, Preliminary, Intermediate, Adult and Advanced dancers. Crowded dressings rooms can get extremely smelly when filled with sweaty dancers and can rapidly become unpleasant for all concerned.
  • Please assist us by making sure dancers are clean and freshly washed for performances.
  • It is important that all developing female and adult dancers wear maximum support bras and /or sports bras while dancing, to prevent bounce and injury.
  • Dress shields should be used by all dancers, regardless of age. Dress shields help prevent odour and stains from sweating when pinned in the underarms of costumes. Removable / washable dress shields are available at sewing and fabric stores in the city.

Wigs are optional for all dancers.  Dancers who choose not to wear a wig should have their hair pulled back off their face and curled, if possible.
All dancers should arrive with wigs on.  Dressing-room volunteers do not have time to assist dancers apply wigs. 

Soft & Hard Shoes should be cleaned prior to the performance and polished so they shine. 
  • All dancers with shoe changes (with the exception of beginners) should have a folding dance box to keep their shoes and water bottles organized back stage

Poodle socks should be clean and bright white.  If you use your poodle socks for practice and they are looking grey, please bleach them or purchase a new pair before the performance.
  • Sock Glue will be provided to all dancers courtesy of MSDSA. 
  • Dancers who would prefer not to share sock glue for hygiene reasons may choose to purchase their own bottle
Tights (Performance Division & Adult) must be Mondor brand (no exceptions) and free from runs or holes.  We recommend you have an extra pair handy in case they run at the show. 

Parents are not allowed in dressing rooms due to limitations of space and privacy issues. 
Please arrive on time as dancers need time to change, warm –up, and practice with their group.
Generally, there are line up’s at check in and check out, so please be understanding with your check in volunteer.  It is essential for our dancer’s safety that all precautions are taken when working with large groups of children at events open to the public.  Recitals can run late, so your patience is necessary should there be delays at pick up at the dressing room.

Please send your child with adequate healthy snacks and drinks clear liquids only.   Dancers who bring sodas, juices, or drinks which may stain costumes will not be allowed to drink them in the dressing room. 
Avoid sticky or messy snacks as dancers will not be allowed to eat them back stage or in the dressing room.
Snacks to avoid –  Flavoured potato chips, buttered popcorn, chocolate bars, Danishes & pastries, chocolate covered granola bars, gum, juices, sodas, sugared or sweet candy. 
  • Please send nut free snacks as we do have students with serious anaphylactic allergies.


Bake Sale & Flowers
Our Performance and Competitive Division will be selling baking & congratulatory flowers for dancers at the recital. 

Stock Your Summer Raffle 2017
Proceeds supporting the Competitive Division
Tickets on sale now 3/$5
Prizes are Liquor Mart gift cards for $500, $300, $200
Draw Date: May 27th   (at the Canada Feile)

Thank you for your support of our Student’s Association!

Best wishes to all our dancers for a great performance at our 69th Annual Recital.   We know you’ll make us all very proud!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Thank you,