Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Folklorama Dancer Information

Best wishes to all our dancers for a great week at Folklorama!  The dancers, musicians, and instructors have worked very hard and we know they will make us all very proud.

 We are very fortunate to have an amazing core of chair volunteers to run each department of the United Kingdom Pavilion, all of whom are dancers parents and family members.  Thank you to all our Folklorama chairs and directors for their hard work over the past few months and many thanks to those who will be volunteering during the week of the pavilion.  If you haven't already signed up, we can really use your support!

It's going to be a great week and we look forward to a wonderful 3rd year at the United Kingdom Pavilion!

Please see below for information on Dancer's performing at Folklorama (Aug 7th - 13th, 2016).
 If you have questions please contact our Entertainment Chair Wendy Havens wendy@havens.ca<mailto:wendy@havens.ca>

All costumes will be handed out during class this week (August 2nd and 4th) or brought to dress rehearsal on Saturday August 6th.  Dancers are responsible for keeping track of all their pieces throughout the week, we do not have extras if pieces are lost.  We encourage dancers to use labelled ziplock bags to keep small items such as bows, hair pieces, scarves ect.

*         All dancer's costumes may be left at the venue and they will be safely locked in dressing room for the week for those who do not want to haul them back and forth every day.

*         Costumes may need to be laundered throughout the week please check them daily.

TUESDAY August 2nd and THURSDAY August 4th   REHEARSAL
We may run longer than our scheduled time as we will be rehearsing with the musicians.  Beginner, Novice and Preliminary dancers, we will try to end as close to 7:30  as possible but please be prepared to stay late if necessary.  Intermediate and Adult class will run until approximately 9:00.  Please be prepared to stay late if necessary Rehearsal Wednesday August 3rd:
At this time we are asking that all Performance levels 3 and 4 as well as Intermediate and Adult dancers attend this rehearsal from 5:30 - 9:00.  We will inform dancers and parents of any changes to this schedule after rehearsal Tuesday August 2nd.
White dress Shirts
All Male dancers as well as dancers who dress as boys or are Morris dancers in the first number will require a white long sleeve dress shirt that is not see through.

Folklorama Dress Rehearsal - All dancers must attend Saturday August 6th Drop off: 10:00 AM  Please drop dancers off at the main hall door where our instructors will assist them in with their costumes.
Pick up: 2:00 PM
 This will be a full dress rehearsal for the show.  Please bring all costume pieces, box for backstage, full stage make - up for lighting and hair in a half ponytail.

*         Dress Rehearsal is not open to the public.

*          Parents and family members are not permitted to stay for the rehearsal.  Please drop dancers off at the main hall door where our instructors will assist them with their costumes.  Parents should not wait in the lobby or hallway during the rehearsal.  There are restaurants and shopping nearby so plenty of places to spend time while the dancers rehearse.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Beginner, Novice and Preliminary Dancers
Sunday: 5:15, 6:45, 8:15
Monday: 6:45, 8:15
Tuesday: 6:45, 8:15
Wednesday: 6:45, 8:15
Thursday: 6:45, 8:15
Friday: 6:45, 8:15
Saturday: 3:45, 5:15, 6:45, 8:15

Intermediate, Adult Dancers, Performance (All Levels)
Sunday: 5:15, 6:45, 8:15, 9:45
Monday: 6:45, 8:15, 9:45
Tuesday: 6:45, 8:15, 9:45
Wednesday: 6:45, 8:15, 9:45
Thursday: 6:45, 8:15, 9:45
Friday: 6:45, 8:15, 9:45, 11:00
Saturday: 3:45, 5:15, 6:45, 8:15, 9:45, 11:00

Arrival Time - A minimum of 45 minutes prior to show time Location - Dancers should arrive through the South Entrance (Look for VIP & Performance Entrance Sign) Parking - Dancers & Parents should park in the Red River Collegiate Parking lot located south of the Punjab Cultural Centre (1770 King Edward)

Check In- Located at the VIP & Performance Entrance.  All dancers will need to check in & out.  Please let Check-In Volunteer know if someone other than a parent / guardian will be picking children up.

*         For parents who are volunteering, the Volunteer Check-In is conveniently located at the same entrance at Dancer Check-In.

*         For parents who are staying to watch the show, you will be able to line up for admission at the VIP & Performer entrance.  This service is offered for immediate family & grandparents only.  Due to Folklorama regulations, all family members must pay admission ($6.00 Individual - Children under 12 Free).

*          Please note, due to Folklorama regulations parents & family will not be allowed into the hall until pavilion opening time each night (unless they are volunteers).

Pick Up Times
Dancers should be picked up 15 minutes after their last show Dancers can be checked out in between shows for quick visits with family however they will need to be in the dressing 30 minutes before each show.

*         Please note, there is a very limited amount of time in between shows and we recommend dancers (especially younger children) stay in the dressing room where they can rest, eat, and get ready for their next performance.

Located on the 2nd Floor (dancers please use stairs near volunteer check-in at south entrance) Due to the numerous costume all dancers will have change back stage, during the show.  We ask all female dancers to please wear an undershirt, tank top, or tank body suit (white, nude, or black) at all times, for privacy.  Back stage area will be co-ed.

*         Dancers must bring a change of clothes to wear in the dressing room, in between shows as they cannot eat in their costumes.

*         Parent's volunteers will be in the dressing room to look after dancers in between shows for those who are volunteering at the pavilion.


Folklorama Costume Return

Irish Costume Requirements
General Division
Beginner, Novice, Preliminary
Female - Black bodysuit, Green Skirt (with cummerbund, if applicable), Bow, Black Tights (Mondor 70 Denier * available at Malabar & Dance Plus) Male - Black Pants, Black Shirt, Green Tie, Black Dress Socks, and Knee length black socks

  *   White tank top will be needed by all female dancers (Beginner, Novice, Preliminary Levels)
  *   Black Tights are needed by all dancers (No poodle socks)
  *   Soft shoes (Hard shoes are not needed)
  *   Wigs are not worn for Folklorama
  *   Hair should be clean, washed, and tied back with a half pony tail
  *   All dancers should bring a collapsible box clearly marked with dancers name for shoes & costume pieces back stage and in dressing room

Intermediate, Adult - Black Dress, Cummerbund, Cuffs, Black Tights (Mondor 70 Denier * available at Malabar & Dance Plus)

Make-up is required for all dancers as stage lighting washes out natural colour and makes performers look pale.

*         All make-up should be applied prior to check in.

FULL STAGE MAKE-UP is required  - Full stage make-up is applied heavier than daily use make-up.
Foundation (to match skin tone) and powder to prevent shine Eye-shadow (brown, beige, copper shades) Mascara (brown or black) , Blush (pink) Lip Stick Nail Polish is not allowed for performances and should be removed at home. Jewellery (rings, bracelets, earrings) may not be worn for performances with the exception of wedding rings and medical alert bracelets

Deodorant should be worn by all Novice, Preliminary, Intermediate, Adult and Advanced dancers.
Crowded dressings rooms can get extremely smelly when filled with sweaty dancers and can rapidly become unpleasant for all concerned.  Please assist us by making sure dancers are clean and freshly washed for performances.
It is important that all developing female and adult dancers wear maximum support bras and /or sports bras while dancing, to prevent bounce and injury. Younger dancers may prefer to wear light undershirts (from home) to avoid embarrassment in dressing rooms which sometimes contain mixed crowd with multiple performers involved.
Dress shields should be used by all dancers, regardless of age. Dress shields help prevent odour and stains from sweating when pinned in the underarms of costumes. Removable / washable dress shields are available at sewing and fabric stores in the city.
Wigs will not be used for at Folklorama.
All dancers should arrive with their hair as displayed in the photo.
Please use clear Ponytail holders or ones that match closely to the color of hair.

Soft & Hard Shoes should be cleaned prior to the performance and polished so they shine.
Beginner, Novice, Preliminary Performance Level 1 - Soft Shoes and Welsh Mary Janes or Black dance trainers if dressed as a boy Intermediate, Adult, Performance - Hard & Soft Shoes as well as Welsh Mary Janes for Girls or Black Dance Trainers for boys

Poodle socks are not required for Folklorama Tights -  Mondor 70 Denier brand and free from runs or holes.

*         We recommend you have an extra pair handy in case they run at the show.

Parents are not allowed in dressing rooms due to limitations of space and privacy issues.
Please arrive early or on time as dancers need time to change, warm -up, and practice with their group.

*         Generally, there are line up's at check in and check out, so please be understanding with your check in volunteer.  It is essential for our dancer's safety that all precautions are taken when working with large groups of children at events open to the public.

*         We recommend parents send their children with a book or game to occupy their time in the dressing room.

All dancers are asked to maintain healthy eating habits during the week of Folklorama.  Please avoid junk food, drink lots of water, and eat small, healthy meals.  It's a long week and if dancers do not take care of themselves they will show on stage or get sick and will be unable to dance.  Parents, please assist us in making sure dancers stay healthy for the week!
Light, healthy snacks (fruit, veggies, cold cuts, bread, and treats) will be provided for all performers upstairs in the hallway outside performer change rooms and will be available throughout the night.

*         Dancers will receive 1 volunteer meal per night and we ask that they do not redeem the meal during peak line up periods 5:00 - 8:30 PM.  If you see a line up, please wait until the crowd eases at the kitchen before you get your mail.

*         Please do not eat in the main hall as seating is limited, especially during peak hours 3:00 - 9:30 PM.  Dancers should take their meals up to the dressing room.

*         Dancer meals will be available from the main pavilion food line.

*         Drinks are not provided by the pavilion.  Dancers who require more than water should bring their own from home or purchase at the pavilion.

Dancers burn a lot of energy with all of the performance at Folklorama and will need nourishment often.  Please send your child with adequate healthy snacks and drinks clear liquids only in a sealed water bottle.   Dancers who bring sodas, juices, or drinks which may stain costumes will not be allowed to drink them in the dressing room.   Avoid sticky or messy snacks as dancers will not be allowed to eat them back stage or in the dressing room.
Snacks to avoid -  Flavoured potato chips, buttered popcorn, chocolate bars, Danishes & pastries, chocolate covered granola bars, gum, juices, sodas, sugared or sweet candy.

*         Please send nut free snacks as we do have students with serious allergies.

*         Remember, there is healthy food upstairs for all performers!

*         We encourage dancers to eat the performer food provided and avoid the kitchen meal until after they have finished their performances.

We are still in need of volunteers at the pavilion.  If you are your family are able to lend a hand, even if fora few hours, it would be greatly appreciated!
If you are available for set up or tear down, or available to assist with kitchen preparation earlier in the day, or have a van or truck to assist with pick up's let us know!   Help is greatly needed and appreciated!
To volunteer, please contact Christa Traczuk at ptraczuk@yahoo.ca<mailto:ptraczuk@yahoo.ca>

Thank you for your support!