Thursday, 31 March 2016

Brandon Division - Change of Recital Date

Brandon Division - Change of Recital Date

     Due to scheduling difficulties we’ve had to change to the date of our Brandon Division recital.  The Brandon Division recital will be held on the evening of Saturday, May 14th at the Evans Theatre with an afternoon dress rehearsal (instead of regular classes).  We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause to your schedules!

     Our Winnipeg recital date has also changed to the evening of Thursday, May 26th.  Brandon Division dancers are welcome to perform at the Winnipeg recital, however we understand this may be difficult due to it being a week night. 

     All Brandon Division dancers are welcome and encouraged to participate in our first CRN Canada Feile (Irish dance competition), to be held in Winnipeg on Saturday, May 28th at CanadInns Club Regent.  More information will follow on the feile, but all those interested should save the date!

     Please confirm your participation with Mary-Margaret at class as soon as possible. 

     A reminder there will be no classes this Saturday, due to Spring Break.   We hope everyone enjoys the break!

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Spring Break - No Classes

Spring Break – No Classes

McConnell School of Dance will be closed Sunday, March 27th to Sunday, April 3rd for Spring Break.

We hope everyone enjoys a well-deser
ved break!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

St. Patrick’s Performance Information

St. Patrick’s Performance Information

Please read through the email below as there is important information for all dancers and parents regarding our St. Patrick’s events on March 17th and 18th, 2016.   

March 17th Entertainment Schedule
5:00 PM      Doors Open
5:45 PM      Tom McDermott
6:15 PM      McConnell Irish Dancers with Barefoot Ceili Band
6:45 PM      Irish Myst Choir
7:00 PM      Comhaltas Set Dancers
7:30 PM      McConnell Irish Dancers (General Division)
8:15 PM      Humours of Whiskey
9:00 PM      McConnell Irish Dancers with Barefoot Ceili Band
9:30 PM      Bart House Band

Additional Performers may join us, if available  – Traicy Robertson, Maureen Taggart, Larry Fisher
  • We will have CTV Live & Virgin 103 on location throughout the evening.  
  • Apologies in advance if we are running a wee bit late or have slight adjustments in the schedule due to media requirements or set up / sound checks.

March 18th Entertainment Schedule
5:00 PM       Doors Open
5:45 PM       Tom McDermott
6:15 PM       McConnell Irish Dancers General Division
6:45 PM       McConnell Irish Dancers with Barefoot Ceili Band
7:15 PM       Toonie / Loonie Toss
7:45 PM       Humours of Whiskey
8:15 PM       McConnell Irish Dancers General Division
8:45 PM       McConnell Irish Dancers with Barefoot Ceili Band
9:30 PM       Proud Sons

Location:  CCFM  340 Provencher Blvd
Doors Open 5:00 PM – until wee hours
March 17th Tickets $10 Adults $5 Child       March 18th Tickets $15 Adults $10 Child
  • Dancers Free Admission (Dancers, please check in at the admission desk when you arrive)
  • Tickets for the general public can be reserved in advance and picked up at the door.  Please email or call/text 204-479-8952
  • Tickets are available for purchase at the door the night of the event so let your friends know they can show up and purchase tickets as long as they give the dancers name at the door!

Thursday March 17th
Arrival Time for Dancers: 6:00
Show time: 7:30
Dancers Participating on Thursday March 17th – if this is incorrect please let me know as soon as possible
Clara, Olivia, Savannah, Dawson, Jenaley, Amadora, Madeline, Katelynn, Chloe, Ashlee, Christina, Priya, Allie, Rowan
Isla, Audrey, Claire, Gwen, Kaitlyn, Matthew, Mady, Gaby, Torin, Amadora, Sasha, Sarah, Acacia, Christina, Bentley, Ella, Fiona, Riley, Kaia
Sean, Marina, Chloe, Aunika, June, Elena

Friday March 18th
There are 2 show times for dancers on Friday March 18th, all dancers will participate in both shows with the exception of the beginner and preschool dancers who will dance in the second show only.
Below is a list of dancers participating on March 18th, if this is incorrect please let me know as soon as possible
Arrival time for show #1 – 5:00
Arrival time for show #2 – 6:00
Dancers not participating in show #1 are welcome to watch.

Show #1 – 6:15
Show #2 – 8:15
Isla, Audrey, Gwen, Kaitlyn, Ella, Gaby, Talia, MacKenzie, Fiona Bentley, Kaia, Megan, Christina, Acacia, Sarah, Sasha, Madison

June, Sarah, Ashlyn, Sean, Marina, Chloe, Aunika, Kayla

Katelynn, Madeline, Chloe, Ashlee, Allie, Christina, Alora, Priya, Laura, Rowan

Isla, Audrey, Gwen, Kaitlyn, Ella, Gaby, Talia, MacKenzie, Fiona Bentley, Kaia, Megan, Christina, Acacia, Sarah, Sasha, Claire, Kassidy, Emily, Mady, Matthew, Amadora, Torin

June, Sarah, Ashlyn, Sean, Marina, Chloe, Aunika, Kayla

Katelynn, Madeline, Chloe, Ashlee, Allie, Christina, Alora, Priya, Laura, Rowan, Clara, Olivia, Amadora, Dawson, Jenaley

Irish Food & Drink served from 5:00 PM
Bar: 5:00 – until close 

March 18th - Children & Adult Toonie Toss (fun prizes for kids and adults) *bring your toonies & loonies so you can play!
Silent Auction Draw 9:00 PM

Celtic Market (Unique Ireland – March 17th & School of Celtic Studies – March 18th)
Irish souvenirs and jewellery available for sale (imported and local artists) *cash or cheque payments only    

Please try not to arrive late as volunteers in the dressing room are limited and dancers will be practicing their routines prior to the show.  
•          All Dancers will need to check in Dancers Check Station (look for sign)  Parents are not permitted in dressing room due to privacy issues and limited pace. 
•          Dancers should arrive in socks (or tights, if applicable) with wigs and make-up applied

Please allow 15 + minutes after the show before you pick your child up at dressing room.  

Children under 12 will not be permitted into main hall without a parent.  If someone other than a parent/guardian (as per your registration form) will be picking your child up, please let the check -in volunteer know.

The dressing room is co-ed due to venue constraints.  Parents are not permitted in dressing rooms due to limitations of space and privacy issues.  
•          Parents with younger children who are shy or insecure are welcome to accompany their child into the dressing room until they feel comfortable on their own.
•          If you or your child is uncomfortable with dressing room assistants changing your child we encourage you to bring your dancer to the venue in costume. Dancers who arrive in costume should bring a change of clothes if they wish to enter the main hall in between or after the performance

•          Dancers PLEASE arrive in socks (or tights, if applicable) with wigs and make-up applied as volunteers do not have time to look after this for all children performing in the show.  
•          Dancers should not wear costumes in the main hall as they are subject to spills and can get stained or damaged. 
•          We recommend all dancers bring a change of clothing to wear in the hall. 
If you were unable to pick up your new costume at class this week, we will have it for your dancer at the performance

Make-up is recommended for all dancers as stage lighting washes out natural colour and makes performers look pale. All make-up should be applied at home, before the performance and not in dressing room or at venue.  
FULL STAGE MAKE-UP is recommended for all dancers at St. Patrick’s Fest’.  Full stage make-up is applied heavier than daily use make-up.

Foundation (to match skin tone) and powder to prevent shine Eye-shadow (brown, beige, copper shades)  Mascara (brown or black)  Blush (pink) Lip Stick - brighter (red)
•          Dancers wearing poodle socks should cover up unsightly bruises on legs and knees with foundation and make-up
•          Nail Polish is not allowed for performances and should be removed at home.
•          Jewellery (rings, bracelets, earrings) may not be worn for performances with the exception of wedding rings and medical alert bracelets 

Deodorant should be worn by all Novice, Preliminary, Intermediate, Adult and Advanced dancers.  Crowded dressings rooms can get extremely smelly when filled with sweaty dancers and can rapidly become unpleasant for everyone concerned. 
•          Please assist us by making sure dancers are clean and freshly washed for performances and lessons.
•          It is important that all developing female and adult dancers wear maximum support bras and /or sports bras while dancing, to prevent bounce and injury.
•          Younger dancers may prefer to wear light undershirts (from home) to avoid embarrassment in dressing rooms which sometimes contain mixed crowd with multiple performers involved.
•          Dress shields should be used by all dancers, regardless of age. Dress shields help prevent odour and stains from sweating when pinned in the underarms of costumes. Removable / washable dress shields are available at sewing and fabric stores in the city.    

Wigs are optional for our younger General Division dancers.  All dancers should arrive with wigs applied.

Soft & Hard Shoes should be cleaned prior to the performance and polished so they shine.   

Poodle socks should be clean and bright white.  If you use your poodle socks for practice and they are looking grey, please bleach them or purchase a new pair before the performance.  We will have extra socks for purchase at the event, please see Mary-Margaret in the dressing room.
•          Sock Glue will be provided to all dancers courtesy of MSDSA
•          Dancers who would prefer not to share sock glue for hygiene reasons may choose to purchase their own bottle.  Tights (Performance Division & Adult dancers) must be Mondor brand (no exceptions) and free from runs or holes.  We recommend you have an extra pair handy in case they run at the show.  

•          Parents are not permitted into main hall until doors open at 5:00 PM unless they are volunteers for set up.
•          Parents are not permitted in dressing rooms due to limitations of space and privacy issues.  
•          Please arrive early or on time as dancers need time to change, warm –up, and practice with their group. Generally, there are line up’s at check in and check out, so please be understanding with your check in volunteer.
•          It is essential for our dancer’s safety that all precautions are taken when working with large groups of children at events open to the public.  Performances of this nature may run late, so your patience is necessary should there be delays in the performance or in pick up at the dressing room after the show.  
•          We recommend parents send their children with a book or game to occupy their time in the dressing room.

Please send your child with adequate healthy snacks and drinks clear liquids only.   Dancers who bring sodas, juices, or drinks which may stain costumes will not be allowed to drink them in the dressing room.   Avoid sticky or messy snacks as dancers will not be allowed to eat them back stage or in the dressing room. 

Snacks to avoid – Flavoured potato chips, buttered popcorn, chocolate bars, Danishes & pastries, chocolate covered granola bars, gum, juices, sodas, sugared or sweet candy.   Remember, dancers burn a lot of energy on stage, so extra snacks are recommended.   Please send nut free snacks as we do have students with serious allergies.  

Our St. Patrick’s Fest’ Fundraiser would not be possible without the hard work of dancer & parent volunteers.  This is a great opportunity for our dancers to showcase their hard work to parents, family, and friends. We thank our Performance Division Executive, MSDSA Board of Directors and our Performance Division family members who volunteer their time to help run this event.

Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to the guidelines above and making our St. Patrick’s Fest Fundraiser a successful event for our dancers!  Our dancers & instructors have worked very hard and we wish everyone the best for the upcoming performances at St. Patrick’s 2016.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Paint Night Fundrasier - April 15th, 2016

MSDSA is excited to announce our Paint Nite Fundraiser
Friday, April 15, 2016 6:30 PM
Admission $45.00 +tax
Location: McConnell School of Dance - 32 Barberry Road
Reserve your spot early by contacting Sandi Magyar at
Advanced sign up necessary

Please share with your family and friends or on social media!

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

No Wpg Classes - Sat March 19th, 2016

Dear Dancers & Parents,

    There will be no classes on Saturday, March 19th 2016  due to the late night for our  dancers at our St. Patrick’s Fest fundrasier on the 18th.

Thank you,

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

St. Patrick's Silent Auction Donations

St. Patrick’s Silent Auction Donations

On behalf of the dancers thank you for the donated items received thus far at the studio.

Time is ticking quickly and we are expecting more donations.

Please submit as soon as possible.

With the expected dance schedule it is difficult to find time to create the silent auction baskets and we hope to wrap this Sunday.

Cash is KING and easier if you wish - you can etransfer me funds to . Please text me at 204-232-1015 if this is your plan.

Everybody loves scratch lottery tickets and of course gift cards :)

FUN FACT - it looks like we have 3 sets of Jets tickets so be sure to sell tickets for our BIG NIGHT to your friends and family :)

Thank you for your support.

McConnell School of Dance Student’s Association