Tuesday, 10 November 2015

No Classes – Wednesday November 11th, 2015

No Classes – Wednesday November 11th, 2015

In honour of Remembrance Day, there will be no classes on Wednesday  November 11th 2015

Thank you

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Rince Nua Feile Information

Best wishes and safe travels to all our dancers competing at the Rince Nua Feile this weekend.  You’ve all worked very hard and we know you will make us all proud of your accomplishments!  

Rince Nua Feile Information

Dancer's Entry Number
•             Upon arrival, each dancer will need to check-in at the Dancer Registration table to receive his/her entry number.
•             The dancer's entry number will need to be worn on his/her competition outfit (securely attached by a safety pin or ribbon). Please come prepared with safety pins!
•             This number will be used throughout the day for every competition entered.
Awards Ceremony
•             There will be an awards ceremony after each level.
•             A Rince Nua Feile medal will be awarded for the overall winner of each dance, and the top 3 dancers will be recognized on the podium. 
•             Additional (fun!) awards will be given as well! 

8:00am – Doors Open
9:00am – Event Begins/Competitions: Level 1
10:30am – Awards Ceremony for Level 1
11:00am – Competitions: Level 2
1:00pm – Awards Ceremony for Level 2
1:30pm – Competitions: Level 3
3:00 – Awards Ceremony for Level 3
3:30pm – Competitions: Levels 4 & 5
4:30pm – Awards Ceremony for Levels 4 & 5
5:00pm – Event Ends

Admission is free!

Volunteers are VERY MUCH NEEDED for this feile.  Parents, if you can please spare a small amount of time to assist, it is greatly appreciated.
Dancers are welcome and encouraged to volunteer as well!

McConnell School of Dance Competition Guidelines
Below are the basic guidelines for McConnell Dancers and Parents attending competitions.  We have quite a few dancers who are attending their first or second competition so parents, please take the time to go through the information with your competing dancer so everyone is prepared for the feile.  If you have questions, please contact us!

Instructor availability is limited during competitions as CRN Teachers are required to volunteer at the Feile. 
  • ·         Please be mindful of instructor’s time at competitions. 
  • ·         Do not discuss school business with instructors as their attention must be focused on the feile.
  • ·         If you have important questions, feel free to ask Tracy or your Instructors, but keep in mind our time is limited and we have a responsibility to CRN and the other dancers competing.

Solo costumes are not permitted in Bungrad or Ullmhuchan levels with the exception of dancers over 18.  Solo costumes may be worn in Meangrad, Ardgrad, and Craobhgrad levels by dancers of any age
All school costumes are registered with CRN so please wear appropriate school costumes.
·         Performance – Black with cummerbund & cuffs
·         General – Green Skirt & Black Bodysuit
·         Please make sure costume items are secure as dancer will be disqualified if items fall off.  If a costume piece falls off, dancers are required to stop dancing, pick up the item and return back to their position to wait until competition is over.

Dance Shoes
·         Shoes should be well fitting, clean, and polished.  Ill-fitting shoes will affect a dancer’s placement.
·         Absolutely no elastic in shoes (hard or soft). Use proper hard shoe or soft shoe laces only.
·         Double knot all laces and secure buckles on hard shoes.  Untied laces will result in disqualification.  If a dancer’s lace becomes untied, dancers should return to their position to wait until the competition is over.
Wigs are optional for CRN Feile’s, however we prefer dancers wear wigs rather than hair down.  Dancers who wish to wear their hair down should verify the style with instructors prior to competition
·         Full, Bun, or Pony tail wigs are acceptable
·         Team dances must have their style of wigs coordinated by instructor.
·         Please make sure wigs are secure as dancer will be disqualified if it falls off.

Tights / Socks
CRN Rule, dancers 20 and over must wear black tight
·         Dancers under 20 may wear poodle socks or tights, however we prefer dancers wear socks as it shows off footwork better than tights
·         Team dancers must coordinate socks or tights, depending on age of the team.
·         If you are under 20 and you wish to wear tights please verify with your instructor prior to competition
·         Make sure your socks are newer, clean, white, and well fitting.  Sock glue is essential.

MSD & CRN discourage the use of heavy make-up, spray tan, etc. especially with younger dancers. There are no stage lights at Feile’s so heavy make-up is not necessary.  Light or no make-up is acceptable. 

CRN General Feile Information & Regulations
·          Be dressed and ready to compete at least 30 minutes prior to competition time as there can be long line ups at check in, especially during earlier competitions.
·         Absolutely no changing in competition room or in hallways.  All dancers must change in dancer’s room (or wherever directed by the Feile).  Change rooms are not co-ed and male dancers must stay in area designed for them.
·         No practicing in hallways, hotel lobby, etc.  Practicing is permitted in the dancer’s change room if a practice room is not designated
·         Dancers must be in full costume to receive their prize.  If you are not in costume including footwear, you will not be allowed on the stage / podium.
·         Dancers who impede another competition on stage will result in disciplinary action being taken 1st offence – written warning  2nd offence – immediate suspension for a period of 3 months.
·         Dancers who fall while competition in a solo competition will not be penalized and will be allowed the opportunity to compete again at a later time.   If a dancer falls, the other competitors should continue to dance, unless otherwise directed by the adjudicator.
·         Dancers who are injured will not be allowed to compete.
·         There must be complete silence in the hall during competitions
·         Absolutely no photography or video during competitions
·         The use of cell phones is not permitted during competitions, mobile phones much be switched to silence at all times in the hall
·         At no time should dancers or parents approach the adjudicator or scrutineers, before, during, or after competitions.

Competition Results
In Bungrad, Ullmhuchan, and Meangrad, whenever the number of competitors is less than seven the winner will not advance unless specified by the adjudicator.  This will be announced during results.  If a competitor wins a graded dance three times, with three or more competitors in the competition at the time of winning, that dancer moves on to the next grade in that dance
·         MSD will keep track of dancer’s results
·         Results are posted on CRN’s website

Results & Award Ceremonies
Typically schools will group together for the reading of results.  Photos are permitted but dancers & parents are reminded not to be intrusive with their photography.
·         Dancers must be in costume with shoes to accept awards and stand on podium
·         Dancers are reminded to accept the results of the adjudicator without question or upset.  Absolutely no sad faces or tears allowed!
·         If you are cheering for your school’s dancers, please keep in mind you should cheer equally for other dancers / school’s results.
·         Parents are asked NOT to place pressure on dancers or instructors.  Please do not show disappointment if dancers do not place and keep in mind you must set the example and offer guidance to assist dancers who may be dealing with their own disappointment.
·         Dancers & Parents are also reminded to accept achievements with grace and dignity and not “show off” when they place well.

CRN Award & Championship grading system
All dancers start with 100 points for each dance in a championship competition (Awards & Championships are 200 -300) 
·         No grades apply to children up to the age of 6
·         Merit Award –dance who achieves a mark of 50 – 64 points.

·         Under 50 no prize is awarded